Friday, 5 October 2007



10,000 page hits . . . quite the mile stone eh? Did this in about 10months, that’s a lot of blogging.

That’s like 1,000 hits a months, and the end of our maths lesson.

Hope you folks have been enjoying my randomness, creative burst, religious and political views. Along with my demented dating tips and techniques, little life stories and the occasional works or art. Jeez, what a treasure I am ey?

Okay . . . It’s not quite 10,000 yet, the exact number as I type is . . . 9,984. I’m sure I’ll pop the cork this weekend. *Cheesy Grin*

Here are my favourite posts from each month of blogging. Feel free to check them out . . . you can even check out my archive and nominate an alternative for post of the month. You might stumble across a little treasure that shouldn’t be buried just because its month has passed.

January: The Fountain

February: 10 Useful/Useless Things I’d Like To Ask God When I Get To Heaven

March: The Race To End The World . . . who will win?

April: ‘Like Father Like Son’ or ‘Mamma’s Boy’

May: The Autobiography Of A Non-Smoker Who Kind Of Smoked

June: Ask A Former McDonald’s Employee

July: Yeah I’m Gonna Beat My Kids

August: More Than Just A Game

Sept: Ex

It’s been fun . . . let’s see how ’07 rounds off.

A to the . . .


Pope Terry said...

Wow 10,000 thats a lot, I dont think i'm anywhere near that yet. Congrats on the milestone, to to plough through the archives.

Eugene D. Gibson said...

Whats your secret original recipe!You doing McDonald's numbers.