Friday, 19 October 2007

Rush Hour(s)

Just when you thought that no one else could possible fit in the train, ten more people push and squeeze in.

When the train pulls into another station (one stop closer to work) you see a crowd of people, and you’ll question how many of them will get onto the train . . . then answer is ALL OF THEM. Apart from the ‘particulars’ everyone has places go . . . or places they should already be.

The bright side is knowing that eventually your stop will come. If you’re quick and strong enough, you’ll be able to get off the train before the doors close and move on.

Is it really that bad?

. . . Most days, yes.

Does it bother me?

. . . Most days, no.

A to the . . .


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

I haven't rode the tube in decades, but it's not something to forget.

Oh, the horrors of the early morning commute; being wedged under smelly armpits, and crushed up against pervy old goats who leaned back.. my proudest moment was when, after having had my bum painfully pinched as I ran up the escalator - I waited at the top for the culprit to arrive, and slapped him firmly across the face. A spontanious round of applause made my day.

Good to see things have improved, then?

Pope Terry said...

Eugh public transport... I had to catch the buses to school, crowded with screaming school children. And it was even worse in summer.

Dan Mega said...

Sound like the elevated train we have in Chicago.

Les Becker said...

I'm looking forward to the New York City subway... I'll no doubt be mugged blind and stupid, I guess.

Now, you have given me a new dream: that of the London tube. How much are your bodyguard fees...?

ACK! Chicago has an elevated train?! I gotta get busy with the cloning machine.

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mrsnesbitt said...

Now living on the North York Moors, I feel planets away...............but fear when we return to London..........which we do, every few years......Why?

Great Blog!

Xymyl said...

I miss public transportation. Sure, there are some scurvy characters to be found there, but I was there too. That seemed to be a highlight for everyone.

Ak-Man, I applaud you for giving something back to the little people.

Easybreathingfella said...

Know how you feel, fortunatly my days of taking the tube are long gone.
Do I miss it, not on your nelly