Saturday, 13 October 2007

Jump On It

Is it ever really too late to jump onto a fad?

Of course it is! You don’t want to be that weirdo on the bus wearing a bandana and playing with a Tamogotchi. Timing is of course the biggest factor as most of these trends are either seasonal or simply the flavour of the month. Catch on too late and you would have missed ‘the movement’.

Many come and go; they’re typically started by trendsetters like me, or resourceful folks like me. Not one to blow my own trumpet (all the time), but I did introduce you all to the T-Shirt and Jeans combo . . . and that’s still running strong till this day.

I don’t want any of you to look back and think ‘where was I when that took off?’ It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some bandwagons that are moving along nicely . . . feel free to jump on.


I’m an active member of this online community. This is because unlike most of the others out there which are used (and let’s be realistic) by lonely people who want to get laid or have no real friends, Facebook is designed to bring you closer to the people you already know. This is what makes Facebook unique . . . and a reason why a lot of employees are on their final warning.

With Facebook you can’t simple search people and have a good rummage through their profile and pictures. You can only do this if you are added to the individuals ‘friends’ list.

You may also find Facebook useful for finding old friends. The privacy settings on Facebook means that the majority of those singed use their real name and not an online alias such as ‘SEXY_BABE_69’ or ‘WELL_HUNG’.

I’ve found long and short lost classmates and former work colleagues. It’s a worthy bandwagon to jump on . . . and its recent news coverage adds too its prestige.


Television, as we all should know is getting worse by the day. Fortunately there are a few gems out there worthy of attention. The latest one to grab me is Heroes. I’m pretty late in getting involved in this, but I’m glad I have. What a great show so far. I’ve watched the first five episodes of Season One and I’m pretty much hooked. I’m in catch up mode however as they are already onto Season Two.

Heroes has a lot to offer, I can see it running for quite sometime. In a few more years it’ll be one of those shows that used to be great until they ran out of ideas but kept making more episodes. At present it’s an exciting show which meets its potential and raises many questions you’ll want answered.

You can catch up on the fun here:

Expect exciting cliff-hangers, attractive females (well only two so far) and a storyline that’ll keep you up all night . . . ‘just one more episode.’

8 Min Abs

Since the ‘gym’ movement is still in affect, here’s a product I won’t stop raving on about.

OK, I’ve never actually been overweight. But as a man of vanity I must recommend this DVD to one and all who like to stare at themselves in the mirror with a self satisfied grin.

This is pretty much the ULTIMATE abdominal workout. I jumped on this movement sometime last year and saw great results in a month. Three mornings a week I’d wake up extra early pop in the DVD and crunch like never before. At first I struggled (as you do when working new muscles) then eventually it became a satisfying routine.

I haven’t done 8 Min Abs for about five months now, and no word of a lie, my stomach is still toned from way back when. The chocolate and ice cream is doing me no favours . . . but I’m a man so I don’t care. I’ll only wash it down with a pint anyway.

If I wasn’t so lazy and probably look for the DVD.

Corinne Bailey Rae

“And I wonder why it is, I don’t argue like this, with anyone but you

I wonder why it is, I won’t let my guard down, for anyone but you”

Just Like A Star

Of course the lyrics sound better with her singing . . . that’s why I haven’t copied the whole song. Trust me on this one . . . its money well spent. Or time well spent if like me you’re only a few clicks away . . . I shall say no more on that matter.

Get your swerve on people . . . does ANYONE say that still?

It’s not an order for you all to go out and be shepherded by frowsy pop culture . . . Lord knows I like to be an outcast and make a nuisance of myself also. These are just a few pastimes that’ll help you keep one foot in the bandwagon.

A to the . . .


Les Becker said...

"Get your swerve on people . . ."

There's one I've never heard before. But Corinne Bailey Rae? Wonderful.

Dan Mega said...

8 Minute Abs will give you "abs"...sure. But nothing beats situps, crunches, and running every day.

I have watched Heroes since the first episode!

Pope Terry said...

I had a tamagotchi once, way back in highschool. I turned it into a golf ball soon after buying it.

Facebook, man I cant be bothered with myspace anymore, so facebook holds little interest as there are no people on there I actaully know

8 min abs, well I'm lazy what can I say but occasionally I bust it out, I'm more interested in working my huge guns.... try not to laugh to hard at that.

Heroes... yeah, the cheerleader is keeping me watching but its not really grabbing me to much.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Heroes!!! The whole family is addicted (even Jake).

copper stiletto said...

I love 8 minute abs. It may not be top quailty but you do see the results you are looking for

Ak-Man said...

Les Becker: Gotta love Bailey Rae . . . I know I'ma thug and all that stuff, but that's my fav album at the mo.

Dan Mega: The world needs a hero . . . a hero needs abs.

Pope: Tamogotchis were fun for like 2 hot minutes. How many times did you poke that reset button cos they kept dying at school LOL. Some of the toughest kids at schools had Tamogotchis. I didn't like the cheer leader at first, she's grown on me!

Shrink: Your dog is well cultured.

Copper: True indeed! If it didn't I wouldn't recommend it.

Samantha_K said...

I'm more of a fan of 7 minute abs myself.
Love Corinne Bailey Rae.
Get your swerve on people? I'm totally gonna start using that one. Have a great weekend!