Saturday, 11 August 2007

More Than Just A Game

It’s about time . . . I don’t know how I’ve lasted so long (three months) without my first love. It’s been a cruel long summer, but at least it’ll end with some passion.

On August the 11th 2007 the 2007/08 English Premier League kicks off for another highly anticipated season. I can almost smell the freshly cut grass.

As a football junkie, this means so much to me. My passion for the sport takes up a chunky slice of my life. It’s not just a game; it’s so much more than that. Laugh if you want, but it is indeed a way of life. Yeah I said it, being a football fan is a way of life.

There are several reason why I take football so seriously, and alongside those are a number of reasons why I’m so glad that the new season is about to get underway.

When I was four or five years of age, my cousin pulled me to one side and had a word with me. He was kind of like a big brother to me at the time, so I looked up to him, taking his words seriously. He told me that I was growing up and that in due time I’d have to pick a football team to support. He informed me of the three of the biggest clubs at the time; Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United, trusting me to make a wise decision. I never knew it then, but that day changed my life.

Since that faithful day I’ve been hardcore Gunner (Arsenal Fan) and I’ve never looked back since.

Before I supported Arsenal I supported football. I used to play football before, during and after school for the duration of my education. This was the main reason my school shoes couldn’t last longer than a month . . . even though I had to continue wearing them for much longer. I played for school teams, church teams and my borough at the time, Hackney. Even back then I appreciated watching football . . . the pace of the game, the anticipation, the intensity, the stars, their skill and talent lured me in with an immense pull.

I’ve been in several arguments due to football and would most definitely fight to defend my team in the most petty of disputes (trust me on this one, I’ve fought for less). You need ammunition in the form of knowledge to shut up a rival fan, so while I watch games I catalogue teams and player stats in my head. Tallying up trophies and club records, I study Arsenal Football Club and run riot on scumbags who try to take shots at my team . . . the audacity.

To me football has always been more than just a sport or game, it represents a dream. In my younger years I wanted to be a professional footballer more than any other of my dream professions. These included being a Rapper, Actor, Professional Wrestler, Kung-Fu master and Secret Government Special Agent . . . I’m currently an Administrator, so when football is on TV I’m glued to the screen.

I have the utmost respect for people who chase their dreams and aim towards the long shot. They earned and deserve to reap its benefits. I wish I pushed harder towards any of my dream jobs . . . hard enough to see how far I could have taken it.

Another great part of the football season is the way it helps me to maximise my week. The added option of being able to sit around watching a match or highlights can help me get the most out of a day. Getting home ‘early’ on a Saturday night isn’t much of a problem when you can grab a cold drink, some snacks and happily sit in front of the TV watching Match Of The Day . . . what more could I ask for?

A dark cloud floats over the next nine months. Arsenal haven’t one a competitive tournament for two seasons, and to make matters worse we’ve also lost our best player, and arguably the best player in the world, Thierry Henry. What can I say in my teams defence if we go another trophy-less season? I’ll have to resort to snuffing rival fans.

You don’t have to love it like I do . . . just know that it’s more than just a game.

A to the . . .


Dan Mega said...

When I think of Europe, I think football (soccer as we call it in the states). But I have trouble pinning down the other major sports in Europe. I'm thinking tennis, golf, and polo. Yes?

Pope Terry said...

I think soccer, sorry football is the most watchable ball game, but since those stinking italians burned Australia at the world cup by cheating I have lost a little faith in the game. Along time ago I made the choice, before an FA cup final on tv, Everton was the choice (they won which probably helped that choice), but football has long since gone the way of the dodo on free to air TV so I dont get to watch it any anymore.

F1 is my true passion.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Aw shit. Here we go again. Another sodding season. Man U in my house. No wonder I blog..