Sunday, 30 September 2007

Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

How’d my new PC break after less than a week? Wouldn’t have been too surprised if I’d had the thing for a year or two . . . but less than a week and it died? R.I.P.

I strolled into PC World with a no nonsense mentality.

Store Assistant: "Can I help you?"

Ak-Man: "Yeah, my PC won’t switch on, I want to exchange it or get a refund."

You have to give them the options or they’ll take you for a ride and feed you some crap about getting it sent to the manufacturers for repairs.

What’s more annoying is that I had brought the PC to the store a couple of days prior for the same reason. But the PC worked in the store, making me look a little foolish. And it worked when I got home so I was cool. I’d wasted a bit of time, but my PC worked so it was all good.

Even though the PC was faulty and I didn’t do anything to damage it I still had one or two lies under my sleeve. Just in case they wanted to play hardball. Anyone else think up excuses when they return things? You know, just in case . . .

I was ready to play the student role. If things got messy I’d tell them that I’m a student and I have lots of work that needs to be done. I can’t afford to lose my PC for weeks, not even a day; I’ve got essays to write.

I had figured that this was flawless . . . it’s a lie but believable; who’d question it? Fortunately I didn’t have to reduce myself to that.

They actually gave me an upgraded model at no extra cost because the one they sold me was no longer in stock. So now I have an even better PC . . . it switches on, and other fancy stuff like that.

A repair man is coming to my house on Tuesday to fix a computer I no longer have. I really must remember to call them up to cancel that . . . maybe I’ll do that tomorrow . . . maybe.

A to the . . .


Pope Terry said...

Another mystery of the computer world, the sudden breakdown. My little lady makes this sick little noise when I turn it one and its to cold... just started doing it one day, no reason. She is old but well, she should no better. Free upgrade though is nice. You always have to have a few lies up your sleeve, just incase.

Deborah Gamble said...

Now that's a computer! 5 1/4" floppy and probably a 40 MB hard drive. Cool!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh honey, you don't need that, do you? I mean, a free up-grade is cool - sure. But all that stress and hassle when the bloomin' lump of junk that's gone and cost you a packet, suddenly decideds to up and give you grief - it ain't nice. Glad it's all been sorted out.

'Course, you've no excuses left now, to post more witty, funny, succinct and FREQUENT gems of wisdom, now have you? WE'RE WAIT-ING.. (well come on, then!)

Dan Mega said...

Sounds like you have a faulty power supply. It wasn't so much a PC thing, but a power thing.