Thursday, 21 June 2007

Ask A Former McDonalds Employee

It’s not something I keep a secret, nothing I’m proud of either. But I did indeed work for McDonalds for twenty-three months . . . yes it’s true.

This was my first official job and they trapped me for twenty-three months. I experienced a lot there; good and bad times were shared with my crew members. I well and truly learnt the value of a single pound coin (you’ve seen the 99p menu right?) and swallowed my pride on several occasions.

‘Can I take your order please?’ - Ugh, that brings back memories. Considering that you wanted the food more than I wanted to serve you I don’t get why I was forced to ask this question . . . with smile . . . and wearing a tie! What was the tie about? Were we supposed to look like executives?

‘Excuse me sir, would you like to upgrade that to a large meal for just 30p extra? Trust me, I’m wearing a tie sir’ – No shame, no damn shame.

At one point I did actually like the job . . . REALLY . . . there was a point where I liked working there. It was a fifteen minute walk from my house, they paid me every two weeks and I had quite a few work mates there. McDonalds funded my PS2, Sony Mini-Disc player, two week trip to Tenerife, countless nights out and so much more. I’m watching the Sky News on the TV they funded right now.

*** When I say they funded it I mean that I worked for the money and they paid me on time ***

So I’m opening up the forum almost five years after I waked out and told them that I was moving on to bigger and better things . . . Marks and Spencer’s.

Feel free to ‘Ask A Former McDonalds Employee’ whatever you want. It’s been a while but I remember it like it was yesterday . . . I really do, a lot went down. Leave you’re questions in the comments sections and I’ll do a write up with replies.

Clock In, Clock Out.

A to the . . .


Eugene D. Gibson said...

Aa a former worker of McDonald's here in the Bahamas I understand your plight.I like your content keep it up!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Ah, I used to work the till at Woolies. I hated it. It was before the days of security tags. My way with getting even with the system was to give three for two on every purchase I put through. Seems I was way ahead of my time..

Bart said...

What exactly IS the secret sauce?

How much food gets nuked as opposed to fresh grilling/heating?

How the f do sesame seeds stick to the buns?

Xymyl said...

I never had the McJoy of getting McPaid. I never even bothered to apply at my local McDonalds. Everybody there had 4 year degrees, and I was a high school drop out. I knew I would never be accepted as part of that elite group.

I wish they had Indian McDonalds in the U.S. They probably wouldn’t have hired me either because I most certainly would have been in a lower McCast.

I could really go for a McAloo Tikki right now.

Deborah Gamble said...

In the United States they have strict rules like the Happy Meal paper bag must be folded twice down at one inch creases. Same for the UK?

Shareen said...

McDonalds!!!!!!!!! Dont it bring back memories? I actually liked working there for a while as well, but only when i was doing kids parties, until i realised they were taking the mick out of my life! Il neva regret working there still :)

Doug said...

Hey ak-man,
The horror,the horror.
I too worked in fast food longer
than I wish to remember.
Nothing like coming home with
a layer of grease on your body.
I'm returning to my blog two
days a week so come by and say


Ak-Man said...

Noting all the Q's and comments, gettin something prepped for all of ya!