Tuesday, 6 March 2007

The Race To End The World . . . who will win?

The three main contenders are:

1. God
2. Man
3. Nature
4. Technology (Not yet in full contention)

People have been screaming that the world will end for quite some time now. The boy keeps crying wolf and nobody can even be bothered to tell him to ‘shut up’ anymore. Will the world end in my life time? I hope not, and I don’t think so either. I’ve come this far, don’t really want to leave earth by default. I want to grow old and tell my grandchildren stories about how the iPod cornered the market, the rise of Youtube, the evolution of MSN, and why I never joined MySpace. It seems however that many ‘things’ don’t want to see this happen.

Who (or what) will end the world?

Technology . . .

When I say technology I’m a bit undecided on its potential to end the world. Technology, I believe is more likely to wipe out Man (its creator) than to end the world. You see, technology can’t really do much until Man develops Artificial Intelligence (see Terminator 1 - 3, and The Matrix 1 - 3). If this does occur prepare to be liquidized into battery form as computers rage-out with an Oedipus complex.

“Welcome to the desert of the real” – Morpheus

Mother Nature . . .

She sounds so sweet doesn’t she? Open your window, beauty is all around us. Smell the pretty flowers, walk along the beach as the waves crash against the shore, look up at the clouds as the birds fly across your view and notice how they (the clouds) remind you of bunny rabbits, Bambi, and roses, “Hey, that one looks like a Blackberry”. Isn’t nature beautiful?

Do I really need to go on about Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Snow, (yes snow, I hate it) etc? I should hope not. It seems as though we have pissed her off doesn’t it? We’re ruining her perfect ecological balance in exchange for natural disasters. I’d be vexed if I was her, “I do so much for you and this is how you repay me? Ok, let’s see how you deal with a little bit of bad weather” *insert evil laugh here*

Can Mother Nature end the world? Not without ending herself also. I think she is just trying to shake us up a little. Its working too, look at the Global Warming campaigns.

Man . . .

Me and you, them and us. We are in fact a pain in the ass of Mother Nature and of course one another. Anything dead or alive, fact or fictitious, good or bad will have at one point felt the wrath of mankind’s lust for destruction. Everything must be eaten, burnt, sold or used past the point of depletion. No stone shall be left unturned, no blade of grass un-trampled. If this wasn’t bad enough please introduce war, WOMD, terrorism and of course global warming. To bask in your glory put all of this on a computer and develop and program which calculates Doomsday, just so we know in advance when we would have achieved our greatest feat yet . . . the end of the world.

Forget the preservation of life, we want to be like God, in fact, we want to be God! We want to beat him at his own game (I don’t think he’s playing though) as a big thank you for creating us and giving us all we need to survive and live happily.

Can Man bring the world to an end? O yes we can and we’ll probably get quite close before God tears open the sky with his bare hands and brings all existence to their knees. “It wasn’t my fault” we’ll all yell, “Bigger boys made me do it” . . . I honestly don’t want to be around for this.

If I stumbled across a magic lamp whist searching for treasure in Egypt (my typical weekend) and a genie popped out offering me three wishes I wouldn’t waste a single one on world peace! One-billion pounds would last a lot longer; a KFC family bucket may in fact last longer; the flavor from a Wrigley’s juicy fruit stick of gum may in fact last longer than world peace.

God . . .

My money is on God ending the world. Not only has He told us He will end the world, He also told us how he will do it. Hows that for bravado? Expect a lot of fire, flying horses and angels. Those of you who don’t like surprises should read the book of Revelations. It’s the last book in the Bible, and is a real spoiler, quite scary also. The ‘rapture’ doesn’t sound like anything to joke about so I won’t say too much at all.

Why does God want to end the world?
So that there can be a new heaven and a new earth. Old things shall pass away. God is the originator; He had everything planned out before he even got things started so I can’t see him letting the other ‘contestants’ beat Him to the post. When your in control you let others think what they want, it doesn’t bother you, you don’t even have to say ‘I told you so’, they’ll just know.

I once dreamt that the world had been blown to pieces by Sadam. People were floating in space, on chunks of earth. It was weird . . . very weird. This was a long time ago by the way, probably when I was 12 or 13.

A to the . . .


copper stiletto said...

place my bet on God too! And this was a very good post!! I especially like your comment about leaving the earth by default.

And thanks for the congratulations, by the way. I will try my best to not have a Brittney Moment!!

Sebastien said...

Your posts are so cool. I think technology and the ability to create greater weapons, at smaller sizes could have terrible potential. Or the creation of new illnesses by man, or new poisons...

Hope it doesn't happen. Life is beautiful.

Adam York Gregory said...

It's a tricky one, but as I don't believe in God that one is sort of ruled out by default.

I guess I break it into three different catagories:

1. The industrial revolution - global warming and its effects; the exchange of C02 for moving machinery.
2. The technological revolution - computers, robots, lasers, nukes.
3. The genetic revolution - it's only a matter of time before we screw up with some sort of biological nasty.

Sure, meteors, aliens and blackholes could all kill us, but I doubt that they will. I think it is in our nature to be self-destructive and we have way too much ego to let something else kill us off.

NobleSavage said...

These are all good points. I don't know though... what about our sun exploding and killing us all? It apparently IS going to happen. If that is considered Mother Nature than I place my bets on her.