Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hitting The Right Vein

True Blood – Season One

Tits, ass, murder and more tits. The highly promoted vampire series has all of this in great abundance. It is certainly not one to watch with the parents, unless of course your dad bought you your first porno mag . . . and showed you how to use it! Shudder.

Over halfway through the first season I figure I should have grasped an idea as to what all the fuss is about. Does the show have any real substance, and can the storyline carry it? Well it’s not gripping, but it’s certainly fun. True Blood is not a show that relies on cliffhangers week in week out to reel the audience back in. The idea here is that you’ll enjoy the fifty or so minutes so much that you’ll already be looking forward to the next installment before the current one is done.

Those yet to be exposed to the blood fest, open your minds to a world adjusting to humans and vampires cohabiting. You don’t need to go too far back in the history books to know that the up rise of any minority group has never been a smooth ride – so buckle up as it’s no different here. To make it an even bumpier ride the show is set in Bon Temps, Louisiana. The town is fictional so don’t go there looking for a ‘fang bang’, but I have it on good word that the State of Louisiana is very much real.

We are in the Bible Belt of America, and we have Vampires. A clear binary you’d think; good v evil. Yes, but we’ve seen good v evil more times than Amy Winehouse has been spotted in a KFC. So what’s so special here? Firstly, no one is really that good, least of all the humans you’d naturally identify with. The town oozes fornication, murder, racism, bigotry and more. And those exempt are either half-past crazy or (soon to be) dead.

True Blood is highly rated here in the UK and it’s a show I certainly recommend to those not easily offended. It’s fun, frisky and imaginative, with bimbos for the guys and jocks for the gals. Aside from the jiggling breast shots there are generous helpings of genuine romance, mystery, suspense and thriller – don’t forget the laughs, the show doesn't take itself too seriously.

You can catch leading lady Sookie, Vampire Bill, their friends and foes Wednesday nights on Channel 4 from 10pm. You haven’t missed much, jump online and catch the first two episodes on 4OD.

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