Saturday, 6 October 2007


She told me she loves flowers, how sweet.

I bought her chocolates just so I could have some.

So selfish I know, but who eats flowers?

Continuously hinting about the new Italian restaurant,

I told her to wave as we passed by.

Chinese it is again,

Who can say no to a buffet?

Apparently pink would look ‘delicious’ on me.

I don’t want to look delicious.

She looks delicious,

And that’s about the only thing she does well.

She’s late for everything! ARGH!!!

I wanted to see the beginning of the movie,

Now the rest won’t make sense.

And why does she get to hold the popcorn I paid for?

Can we at least go back to your place?

My house is always packed.


But she can’t cook.

Chinese it is again?

Even I can get sick of that.

I’ll take her to that nice Italian restaurant,

Sweeten her up with flowers.

I’ll even wear the pink shirt she bought me.

Another glass for the lady.

You always get your way.

I think we should just be friends.

A to the . . .


david mcmahon said...

A brilliant week's work. And THAT is why you;ve got 10,000 hits.

Well done....

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh my sweet, bonny lad - it's not easy, is it (she certainly doesn't appear to be, in both meanings of the word, tee-hee)?

Never mind, hon. Why do guys always have to be so visual, anyway? The more beautiful a woman looks, the less she has to worry or work on her personality/empathy/going Dutch every now and then! Marry a minger, and send her to a plastic surgeon - they can work wonders thesedays (I should know)..

Les Becker said...

I think I'll just stick with what's been working. All my "relationships" are online. Supper arrives when the doorbell rings, and the "waiter" gets his tip before I've eaten.

No pressure. No pain. And I don't have to dress for the occasion.

Pope Terry said...

I can't wear pink...

Xymyl said...

It's poetry. I like it!

I'll put a squid ink cartridge in my printer, print this on rice-paper, use it to make egg rolls, make my wife a Vietnamese dinner including some other blog post and perhaps some news reports, and see if she can taste the amount I spent on royalties.

On second thought, I don't want to support art. I'll make corn flakes and teabags again.

Deborah Gamble said...

Good point. Why is it that "she" holds the popcorn? I'm not sure of the why but I know like the universe that way.

Ak-Man said...

David - Cheers, more on it's way.

Carol - This is some old material. I'm not curled up in bed eating and ice and playing break up songs LOL.

Les Becker - I think the pressure and pain would be worth it if I found someone I'd take that nonsense from.

Pope - High Five! . . . I'm not on this metrosexual bandwagon.

Deb - You don't mind if I call you Debbie do you? The Universe did this just to annoy me . . . you can have as much of the popcorn as you like, just don't take it form me! lol

Samantha_K said...

I liked that a lot.
In my world, I always seem to be choosing what to do, where to eat...I'd like a break from that now and then. Being in charge is just as irritating as being along for the ride sometimes.

Dan Mega said...

Wow I think you summed it up nicely for just about every other guy out there.

Deborah Gamble said...

Deb, Debbie, its all good. Now give the popcorn back already. Jeesh!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! i like the it, in fact really did like it.
He does look handsome in pink, if he tried it once you should see him in it! Im not always late and beside don't girls have to show up fashionably late? and what about the times you made me wait?
I hold the popcorn because you don't ask to hold it!.... Lets just be friends? who's fault is that?
By the way I can damn Cook, just never done for you!!