Friday, 13 July 2007

Papyrus Crack

I have to keep my buzz going, don’t like coming down from it, it makes me nervous and jittery. I get snappy, easily agitated and become unstable. Pathetic and desperate, those two words best fit. It’s not quite a site to behold, so I purchase three books at a time from Waterstone’s to keep my high. It’s ok though, buy two and get the third one free . . . a financially friendly addiction.

Imagine if they did crazy deals like this for crack rocks or weed bags? Becoming a drug addict would have financial benefits. You could get wasted and save money at the same time. You’d in fact be stupid not to take advantage of it . . . come on, everyone else is doing it. And we all love a good deal right? I just wish I had a good use for books after I finished them . . . it’s the used syringe predicament all over again.

My latest fix is provided by the effort of James Robertson. I’m five chapters into ‘The Testament Of Gideon Mack’ and I’ve started showing addictive symptoms once again.

- Almost missing my stop on the train
- Vigilantly reading a page or two at work
- Isolating my self in my bedroom for long stretches
- Having company in the toilet
- “Just one more chapter”

Finding a good book to read is no easy task, there are several to choose from and you can’t judge them by their cover, neither by their blurb. At least a bad movie only last a few hours if that. Your best bet is to hope for a good recommendation, or like me you can jot down a few titles that look interesting and then check out their reviews when you get home. I don’t want to pick up another ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ . . . that was like finding out you’d been sold flour and not cocaine . . . Pillsbury nose.

I really shouldn’t praise or snub books until I’ve actually finished reading them . . . but then it wouldn’t be A Darker Shade Of Black would it? You don’t have to eat the whole burger to know if you like it . . . yeah there could be a fly or a hair hanging out of the other end but we’ll cross that bridge if we get to it . . . or bite around it.

The Testament Of Gideon Mack, this is my kind of book. It’s certainly funny, in a ‘nobody understands me’ kind of way. I like the fact that the main character (Gideon Mack) doesn’t seek approval or comfort for his eccentricities. He just wants his story to be heard, he leaves perception up to you.

By the way, everyone thinks he’s crazy because he claims to have met the Devil . . . and he’s also a minister of God. So you’d probably prepare yourself for a battle between good and evil . . . nope, this book challenges the thin line between sanity and insanity (he says as if he's read the whole thing).

Robertson has an engaging writing style; you feel an urge to flip the page even when he breaks down some of the most mundane topics. I don’t know how he does it, but I’m writing this whilst staring at the book and wanting to pick it up and read more.

I’m yet to reach the depth of the woods; I’m hoping that the novel becomes even more absorbing. Robertson is still setting the scene and familiarising me with this Gideon fellow who doesn’t seem to have any friends, just acquaintances who think he’s insane. Religion holds a lot of weight in this novel; I’m expecting more references, history lessons, theories and possibly some controversial content.

Is Gideon insane? Quite possibly, I’ll have a better idea once I finish the book.

A to the . . .


Lady_T said...

Well Ive just finished commenting on your last post and that's why Im here jusy in case you were wondering why Ive commented here so quick :P

AK please just make sure you keep these books safe, I may need to borrow some. I also have some to give you...not excellent books but they were free so...

Was the devil Mack saw in a suit with eyes the colour of fire and nails as long and as yellow as talons? I heard somewhere thats what the devil looks like.

Ak-Man said...

Lady T - Don't bring no dusty books to me. I've got a lil bundle for ya, you can take your pick. I've read them all so you can also take your time with them.

You've been promising me these books for a while now . . . still waiting. At least send me the titles so that I can check out some reviews . . . jeez!

I aint sure how the devil is described in this book yet. Gideon mentioned him to catch my attention and then took the story in a whole different direction. I'm noticing these writing techniques . . . give em a lil to reel them in and then chat about other stuff to fatten out the pages.

Watch out for the mosquito bites!

Pope Terry said...
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Pope Terry said...

last post removed because spelling and punctuation was horrible

I'll recommend all Spike Milligans war diaries (excrutiatingly funny at times yet also very sad in others), and Puckoon, a series of books worth there weight in gold. I dont read as much as I should, I do enjoy a good book, but with my friends and social activities, I really never get a chance to hear about any. I like your idea though, maybe you should take it further, buy to books and get a free rock.... maybe a little extreme.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh, I just love that similae (wish I could spell).. yep, there are worse addictions bonny lad. I've got this book, it didn't work for me, I'm a simple soul, I hate it when you have to decide your own conclusion!

Lady_T said...

AK Lets not get hasty my friend. YOU ASKED for them did you not? So when are YOU going to collect them? I'm no postal service mate. If you dont want them I'll keep them, Im not forcing them on you. Jeez!

Ak-Man said...

Pope - I like your business mind . . . crack rocks and novels. It can't fail.

Carol - Can't believe you don't like the book, it has me hooked! I can really relate to the protagonist. I've been laughin on the train as well. WHat was the last book you enjoyed?

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

A fellow bloggers book, as it happens! Strong Spirits, by Elisa DeCarlo - really funny. Kind of a Jeeves and Wooster thing - A Baronets son is disinherited, then his dad comes back and haunts him..

OHara said...

Found you via Lady T

Fab book. One of the best I've read this year. You ever read Cloud Atlas?

Ak-Man said...

Ohara - Never heard of cloud atlas. I'll run a search on it and see if it sounds appealing.

Still reading Dideon Mack. Looks like it'll b one of my favs this year also.