Friday, 20 July 2007

The Fake Summer Of 2007 . . . Part Two

The weather is picking up (not today though) slightly and I’m gripping ever so tightly on hope. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to cruise Oxford Street this summer with no intention whatsoever to shop. It really isn’t much of a summer without the sun.

Girls don’t look the same. Their faces exhibit a scowl that says ‘Don’t even think about it.’ They’re all covered up also . . . I don’t mean to sound like a perve, but isn’t that one of the perks of summer? Rear ending drivers because you’re not watching the road; jumping off a bus at random stops to chase a girl down the street for her number; starring at breasts with you shades on while you ask of her age, and where she lives. Then calling her up that same night because you know she has five other guys trying to ‘link’ her . . . got to scrap the three day rule.

The rain is pouring as I type this. Heavy shower . . . perfect conditions for jet skiing, high diving or surfing. It’s a shame I’m into none of the above or I’d be outside now in my trunks having the time of my life . . . don’t worry about the thunder and lightening.

I’m in desperate need of a heat wave! At least one so that I can get a fresh trim, drop two-hundred press-ups, iron a fresh white t-shirt, bring the white on white trainers out the box and stroll aimlessly along the city’s central (Zinger Tower Burger in hand) looking for ways get myself in trouble.

My highlight of this summer is my trip to Texas. What a great way to kick off the summer. Crazy heat, and not a single cloud in the sky for seven days (ok, there was one rain storm). A wedding, two parties, shopping for about four days, more food than I could meet, family times and I made a bunch of buddies.

So I got off the pane at Heathrow on what would now seem like an out of place sunny day. Didn’t want to be back, but the sun came with me, ‘Let’s rock and roll.’

. . . Well you know how that story goes : (

Don’t need the sun to have fun but it helps, and provides a few more options and far less female scowls!

A to the . . .


Lady_T said...

I loved the rain this morning especially because I was lying in bed. I looked out my window and could hardly see the building on the other side it was raining so hard. It was like a tropical rainstorm without the tropical weather.

Temp has increased though which is good. Just cant wait for August ;)

Pope Terry said...

Yes I remember the days at high school when the sun was blazing and all the girls got about in the deliciously short skirts and tight tops..... it is hard not to sound like a perv when you say that isnt it AK... oh well. But my semi hermit lifestyle doenst eally lend itself to me seeing much of that these days...

NeoAuteur said...

There is a severe drought where I live. We could use some rain.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Ah cheer uo hon, things are looking up today. You're right, the weather really does affect your mood.. let's hope for a late summer, eh?