Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Stomp The Yard

Tag line:
He will challenge their traditions.
Their traditions will change his life.

Yes this is the same movie as You Got Served, Bring It On, Drumline and probably even Honey (I haven’t seen Honey . . . yet). Feel free to add similar movies to this list.

So why go and see it?
Well if you like the movies listed above then this film is a must watch for you. It follows the conventional formula to a tee. I personally believe that they intentionally make the acting and storylines dire for this sub-genre. Fighting is replaced with dancing, sex is replaced with dancing and the strongest currency is if course your dance moves. If you can’t ‘bust a move’ you’re nobody, an extra if you’re lucky, a ‘boot licker’ . . . or a hot female (i.e. Megan Goode). “How’s it going Meg?” ;- )

What makes this film different from its predecessors is the dancing style used, it’s known as ‘stepping’ (line dancing meets break dancing). A style used by (black) fraternities to . . . erm . . . well . . . it’s noisy and most of it looks the same. They stomp, clap, shout and take it way too seriously. Are great levels of skill and coordination used? Of course. Is it impressive? Hardly.

Now this movie would be extra boring if it wasn’t for the main star. A streetwise east coaster who is a bad ass b-boy. Can you see where this film is going yet? That’s right, put this all together with two tea spoons of romance, positive moral undertones, and you have the 2007 version of Drumline.

What lets this film down is not the deprived script which we have come to expect, and it’s also not the amusing attempts at acting that we can’t possibly take seriously. Disappointingly, it’s the lack of actual dancing. Too much emphasis is placed on the weak storyline and its humdrum turn of events. I didn't really feel like dancing after I watched this movie . . . what a shame.

Throw in special guest appearances from Neyo (and his meat head), Chris Brown and MTV presenter Sway (who doesn't deserve a hyperlink). There may have been some other big shots in this film that I never recognised.

It’s definitely worth a watch. If you do insist on paying to watch this movie make sure you’re with good company so you can discuss how corny the film is during and after.

Follow this like for a trailer:

A to the . . .


Lady_T said...

'IF I do insist on paying to watch this movie'? - What other way will I watch it AK? I mean, didn't YOU pay?
I've watched all the movies you mentioned at the beginning of the review (Honey wasn't all that really). I want to go watch it but...hmmm if it isn't gonna make me wanna dance then maybe I'll pass


Sebastien said...

Haven't seen these movies, but sometimes I dig a movie that is totally stock and badly acted over a serious carefully crafted flick.

And I'm curious about the dancing...

Bart said...

Here's the scary part about the movie...beyond being badly acted, it's not all that unrealistic. I've had to work "step shows" at my job (which is at an stateside university). They really do get waaaaay too in to it.