Monday, 12 March 2007

24 Hours Until The End Of The World

Sticking with the jubilant theme of the world coming to an abrupt end, I decided to document my last 24 hours on earth. Maybe when I get to heaven, a television series can be produced in a similar style to ‘24’ . . . good times.

What’s on my ‘to do list’? It’s not just that I have 24 hours to live, the whole world as we know it will cease to exist. Scary isn’t it?

Here’s how I’d likely to play out the final day. . .

Everyone’s screaming is waking me up; I get told by my family that the world will be over in 24 hours. Its way too early for this nonsense, I tell them to shut my door behind them and I go back to sleep.

My alarm wakes me up and I remember the earlier ruckus. I of course don’t believe this until I look out my window and see (well I watch) vast amounts of people having sex and fighting in the field behind my house. It’s then confirmed to me when I turn on the TV and see warning notices on every channel! I brush my teeth, have a shower and put on my best clothes. (Jeans and a T-Shirt)

I rush back into my house (from the field) and have another shower. I reply to some text messages and call some friends. Not wanting to waste anymore time I switch on my PS2 and relax with a few games of Pro Evolution Soccer 6.

I call my mum to find out where my family are. She tells me that she’s in church with my dad, brother and sister. She tells me that they have left me the keys for the Tigra and that I should meet them at church. I stop at McDonalds (which is still open) and get a large Chicken Premiere meal with a still Fanta and two apple pies. I tell the cashier to keep the change (2 pence) and speed off to church breaking sharply in front of speed cameras.

I get to church, it’s packed! They are listening to everyone’s testimonies of their life and singing praise songs between each person. After a couple hours I look outside the church window, everyone looks like their having fun. I sneak out of the building and jump in the car. I start calling people and say some of the realest words I’ll probably ever speak. I get a call form *BLEEP* and she tells me to come to her house. I start the car and make my way there.

I get to *BLEEPS*’ house. She made me a nice meal. We eat and chat for a while, I apologise to her and explain my side of the story, she does the same, we hug and make up. Very sweet and all that but I’ve been getting text messages and missed calls from another girl who I REALLY need to visit ASAP! I leave *BLEEP* at her house and sense that she wanted a bit more than just a chat and hug. Oh well, times against me.

I get to *BLEEPS* house and it’s on before I even take off my jacket! Good times are enjoyed!

Me and *BLEEP* get into an argument and she kicks me out. What a bitch!

I’m chilling in the car when *BLEEP* taps the window; she get in on the passenger side and we make our peace with each other. A Kiss To Send Us Off then she leaves.

The reality of the world ending starts to sink in. It took a while but I’m actually scared now. It’s becoming too much for my mind to take so I call up *BLEEP* and tell him to meet me with all the alcohol he can get his hands on. I park outside his house and he gets in the car with alcohol and snacks. We get drunk in the car whilst talking about our lives and spilling out our guts about some of the dumb shit we’ve done over the years . . . and dumb shit we’ve done today!

I’ve got to get to church! I drive back east with the windows down trying to shake off this high.

I chill in the car (outside the church) for a few minutes and finish a bottle of water. I make a few more calls, respond to a few more text messages, and head back in to the church.

5 hours left till it’s ALL over. I find my family and tell them all how much I love them. After this I pray and pray and pray . . . mainly for forgiveness. I pray for my soul, and for all my friends and family.

Everything goes silent, no one says a word. It rapidly gets darker and I begin to feel an outer body experience. Everyone seems to disappear from around me, then . . .

A to the . . .


Sebastien said...

It's good to know that the megacorporations will still be in business on the last day of time!

Thinking about this sort of stuff makes me appreciate getting to live even more! Can you believe how crazy it is, each day of life we get, why are we so blessed to get to live? It's quite miraculous...

copper stiletto said...

This is deep! And nice touch with the Mickie D's being open!

(love your taste in music, bty)