Sunday, 18 March 2007

Four Is My Favourite Number Anyway . . .

Before I get started I’ll like to thank Copper Stiletto for nominating my blog site for David McMahon's weekly blog awards (The Aussies). I read her blog very often, in fact its one of my favourites (not just saying that). She came second on the list this week, which should tell you something.

The list was put up on Saturday, I almost forgot to check it out because I don’t really chill online on weekends. When you spend so much time on the net at work you kind of run out of things to do online when you get home.

-Oh, that’s it! Downloading, that’s what I mainly use the net for at home-

Naively I checked out the list and started from the top. This set me up for disappointment; well that was my first reaction. I can’t lie in the name of humility. I scrolled down checking if my blog had made the list at all, and got about halfway before I scrolled up again looking for my URL (maybe I missed it?) . . . I scrolled down further, and further . . . and then a bit more. Then I got to the bottom.

I started going through the motions.

There was anger . . . “What? How is this possible? I’m the best damn it! How dare you offend me like this I shall have my revenge on you!”

Then there was denial . . . “Maybe there was a formatting error and the list was writ in reverse. I should email him and double check, just in case.”

There was more denial . . . “I don’t care, it’s just a stupid list anyway”

A little bit of self resentment . . . “Maybe my blog just isn’t that great”

Finally appreciation . . . “Four is my favourite number anyway”

Ok, so there is a huge difference between four and forty (thirty-six) but I looked at the list and thought to myself “there I am”. There are LOADS of active blog sites out there, and I know this for a fact because I spend a lot of time at work looking for good ones to read (they are hard to find). So for Mr. McMahon (a pro writer) to see my blog as attention worthy . . . well, that’s a great credit indeed.

I’m not accepting defeat by the way, I’ll be number one on that list in due time. The spirit of competition is flowing through my bones now. So if you find yourself laughing uncontrollably in your chair, crying self reflectively or even thinking introspectively, thank Copper Stiletto and Mr. McMahon for pushing a modest writer over the edge.

The villagers should have gone after Frankenstein . . . not his monster.

A to the . . .


Anonymous said...

Congrats Ak-Man. I've been to your site a few times, first time commenting. "THE LIST" has helped me meet other bloggers and recieve support and inspiration. I don't think the numerical order matters as much as making the list.

Arsenal For Arsenal Fans said...

Would you exchange links with me.
Thank you for your praise

Sebastien said...


Let me tell you something, your blog is great, the stories and writing are wonderful. It takes time to build up an audience, but I guarantee if you keep going you are going to get recognized!

copper stiletto said...

Thank you (i think) I did not want to offend you by nominating you. I just think that your blog is great and, personally, I open your page every day, m-f. So really, congratulations, I see it as an honor. I sincerly hope you do too!

Ak-Man said...

NO OFFENCE AT ALL COPPER! Definately appreciate the nomination.

The list has made it so easy for me to find good blogs to read and it'll hopefully let more people notice mine.

I might have sounded a bit 'bitter' in this post but itr was all in the name of humour : )

copper stiletto said...

Well I thought so , but just checkin. You know I dont want to offend anyone. And thank you for thanking me, you did not have to do that. Please read my posts today. I will ne MIA for about 2 weeks . Please miss me!!

Arsenal For Arsenal Fans said...

I have added your link at

I'm getting sad over the poor game

SuZ said...

PLEASE chech out under "fools awards" and "breakthrough actress" there you'll find suiyen valerie smith... VOTE =)