Friday, 9 March 2007

Sasha Presents . . . Her Own Blog Site

It wasn’t her . . . it was me.
Maybe I didn’t treat her right, let her know she was special; say the sweet things that would have made her stick around.
Maybe she just out grew me, was I holding her back?
Maybe her pen was too big for my page and she has so much more to say.
Maybe I never paid attention to the little things; spelling, punctuation and grammar . . .

At least I never go the lets just be friends speech, that’s bonus right? Shows that there is at least hope. She said:

“Hope you don't feel I'm stepping on your toes. Sash x”

Nah . . . wouldn’t matter if you were either; I’ve got Tims on.

OK, it’s not that serious for a few reasons; I’ll put the Kleenex away shall I?

We weren’t J Lo and Ben, Justin and Cameron, Brad and Jennifer . . . or even Brittany and Kevin. I have shaved my head bald on a couple of occasions, but that was out of boredom, not because of a fragile mental state. It’s A Darker Shade Of Black, not a crazier one.

I have always wanted her to start her own site because she has a lot to say, and she’ll say it in ways that I won’t/don’t.

The biggest problem is that I’ll now have to write more to keep the updates coming. Having someone else who likes writing possibly more than you do is a great asset indeed, it gives you the opportunity to take more ‘breaks’, and put more effort into each piece, because you aren’t as rushed.

So now I’ll step my game up and bring more meat to the table, more fuel to the fire and more . . . sand to the beach?

Check her out over at:

In loving memory . . .


A to the . . .


copper stiletto said...

sorry to hear that you are loosing a partner, I will watch her site too.

Also, how can I get the hook up with your 'people'? I need to get this redhead knocked off ASAP!! ;)

Sash x said...

You are funny! I hope you don't think this gets you out of your proof-reading duties or from guest writing to rep the guys and try and maintain a hormonal balance!

Thanks for the boost. I'm workin on the proper website (myself...stop laughing), so we will be the literary Missy and Timbo (bad example-hey it's early and I have a cold)!


Sash x


SuZ said...

peace ak... you in my thoughts and prayers...