Monday, 19 March 2007

Ak-Man And Microsoft Paint Presents: ‘A Few Of My Favourite Things’

I can’t think of a practical use for Microsoft Paint. It’s pretty lame unless you have the imagination of an eight year old, or a ridiculous amount of spare time on your hands.

…So I decided to use it to illustrate ‘A Few Of My Favourite Things’. These pictures took longer to do than you might think (not really) and I put a lot of thought into it.

So yeah, anyway . . . I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

So many colours from a biro,
I’m trying to put my mind on a page.
All that gushes out is colours,
Uncontrollably, it needs to be arranged.

I was handed a paintbrush.
No one ever taught me how to paint.
I just run wild on the canvas,
It’s easy when you don’t know what to say.
By Ak-Man
A to the . . .


copper stiletto said...

I love the booty. Having a rather round posterior myself, I completly identify. I saw you had read that I am going to be taking a "vacation". Sorry that your workdays will be slow, but I promise to get back soon. If you check the last post, you are one of my "you know who you are's"

Miss you, Be back soon

Sebastien said...

That was awesome! I guess Sky Sports News is like your guys' ESPN?

Sebastien said...

I meant to say like our channel ESPN...

Ak-Man said...

Yeah Sebastien,

Its the UK version of ESPN. I watch the channel even after is starts repeating news. Its just so easy to watch while your doing other things, or just chilling out.

Anonymous said...

Ak attack...this is seriously funny son...Supermalt, Booty, Pro, SSNews...The SSNews is really the hell did you get it so accurately...Henry? Common now...ode ni e. Tolu