Thursday, 4 January 2007

The Minds Design (part 1)

"Do You Think What You Think You Think?" - Thats the title of a book im currently reading...its objective is to challenge the way you look at the books title.

Now of course we all think we're in tune with ourselves, but the questions and quiz's this book launches got me thinking...
...Now heres the question I send out to you...

...If We Dont Think What We Think We Think, How Can We Possibly Understand Others Who Dont Even Know What They Think?".

A lot of people close to me may think they have a good idea of who I am and how my mind is designed...but if I dont even know myself...surely im just protraying either:

a) What I think you want to see


b) Who I think I am, no what I am

I know this is all a bit scattered...but take some time to think about it...(make a cup of tea or grab somthing to eat...if your new years resolution is to get in shape then do a little work out)

Back Now? . . . Cool

So yeah, whats the importance of this post?
Well...I want people to think about whether we should stop tryin to clock everyone else and start clockin ourselves. Why do we spend so much time trying to figure out people who dont even know what they think, when we could spend that time understanding ourselves making our views, arguments, morals, etc more consistent.

Rapper Styles P (He did that track "Locked Up" with Akon) said in one of his tracks "Just Knowing Myself Makes Me Affiliated". At first I jus thought it was a nice piece of lyricism...but now I look at it in a different light...I spend a majority of my time by myself, even when im with other people im still with me...thinking, day dreaming and all that stuff...debating with myself bout a whole load of junk like ... What are my top 5 drinks? (Supermalt, Rubicon Lychee, Original Ribena, Strawberry Capri-Sun...and somethin else i cant remember at the moment)

...But anyway, when it comes to more complex issues, its often harder to come to a conclusion. Usually cos i dont really know where i stand on certain issues so i repeat the same thoughts in circles. Do I avoid myself when it comes to tougher issues? Like how white people avoid talkin bout racism cos they dont wanna say anything that makes em seem racist (and most ppl who aint white are jus waitin for them to say somethin racist). Maybe there are sides of myself (the supressed areas that come out jus to surprise people that think they know me..."I didnt know u was like that Akin") that i dont wanna comfirm exists in me?

Now to avoid typing myself in circles im gonna end here...consider this the introduction cos there are some branches I need to break off into also...

Feel free to leave ya comments, the next part should be more refined, i'll chuck in a few real life examples too.

A to the. . .

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