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Can Boyz And Gurls Be Just Friends?

I’m sure many of you may have had this discussion amongst your friends before; the recurrent conclusion I’ve noticed is usually “Yeah they can, but…” So to deal with this disgusting ‘but’, I’ve gathered four individuals to present their arguments. This editorial will consist of two parts, with this being the first. For each part a girl and a boy have written their arguments providing case studies, in depth and well thought out arguments.

We hope to broaden your horizon on this topic, many of you may read and agree with statements made, ignore those please. Instead we wish to challenge your perception of the statements you least agree with. I will conclude on part one and two, essentially this is to avoid making the articles too long, so without further ado, I hand you over to Louise.

I advise under 18’s not to use their imagination where the censors are placed as her arguments are quite graphic in a grammatical sense.

Louise writes: Of course they can, I’d have you know that one of my best friends is a guy and the god father of my son…..he’s been my friend for over 7 years and even though we have kissed (once) it was down to too much weed! Since that time we have been more like brother and sister and I think if either of us thought about the other in any sexual way it would make us both physically sick. Also the Ak-man himself has been my friend for nearly 10 years and even though he bullied me and wanted my sexy body he couldn’t have it LOL, joke! Anyway the point I’m trying to make is yes men and women can be friends as me and Ak-man are cool aren’t we sweetie?

I agree when Ak-man says that someone might be attracted to the other and it may not be reciprocated; this can either go one of 2 ways…. 1. The person gets vex and tries to chop the others d-ck/t-ts off as a sign of revenge LOL, or 2. They overcome that and forge a friendship. However some people try to be sly and be friends with that person in the hope that someday they will get their leg over, even if its only once….people if this happens to u and your in this situation then my advice is just f-ck them once but make sure it’s the shi--est f-ck you can give them they will leave you alone LOL. You might lose the friendship but its better than having some psycho stalk you for 3 weeks and keep blowing up your phone and threaten to kill u because it was your fault why their girl broke up with them even though you aint seen them in like 3 months and the reason their girl broke up with them is because the fool still had your picture on his wall and claimed to still love you even though u only dated the asshole for 3 weeks! Not that that has ever happened to me of course. *cough cough*

Anyway I’ve waffled on long enough and Ak-man is telling me he’s gonna edit this! LISTEN B-TCH DON’T U DARE CHANGE A WORD. See me and Ak-man are good friends. So girls and guys can be friends even if it means getting over that awkward f-ck or kiss they can still rekindle a friendship!

I’ve said enough; hope that's enough Ak-man xxxx

Ak-Man: You were warned!

All jokes aside though, Louise makes some valid points; she also seems to be sending out a warning to the girls out there. Ramone steps up next; enjoy a male perspective as you read on; I’ll be back after him to round this half up.

Ramone writes: In extension of what Louise wrote, yes I do believe they can be friends, considering MY best friend is a girl; of course there will be a slight attraction between a boy and a girl once being friends. Especially if both are very attractive, (in the eyes of many) because lets face it, Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

You get close to someone, you adore their physical attributes, get a good taste of their personality and Bob’s your uncle, or Robert’s your uncle Bobs brother, you have two friends male and female who gain interests in becoming more than “Just Friends”. Sometimes the attraction is one sided, which can obviously put a strain on the friendship, but once feelings are exposed and it isn’t mutual this results in the definitive conclusion to the question at hand, which is the possibility that maybe, just maybe boys and girls can NOT be Just FRIENDS!

BUT I remain open minded on the subject, I think boys and girls CAN be just friends. Let’s look at the scenario of a boy and girl, let’s say this boy and girl are both “gay”. I would say just one of them are gay but that wouldn’t eliminate the factor of there being an attraction on either side. Erm…I think I rest my case. None of them will ever like each other so therefore a boy and a girl can just be friend’s LOL!

On a more serious note…I think if you took the possibility of two friends, male and female of course, both having great personalities but agreed that even though the personalities that both of them possessed were incompatible, this may be another result in the likelihood of a boy and a girl being able to be just friends. Because if there are evident factors against being more than Just Friends i.e. the boy being too girlish/soft or as some girls would pleasantly put it “too nice”. This is a lame excuse may I just add, because a girl may meet a guy who isn’t too nice, in fact he may be too aggressive or carefree in the way he may treat a girl and yet still a girl will reject a boy because he is too nice and go for the absolute asshole. But clearly that is a different debate. Let me move on to attributes a girl might have, for instance a girl might be too on the boyish side, you know what I’m talking about? No you dirty minded individuals…not chicks with d-cks, I mean a Tomboy! And let’s face it; no guy wants to be with a girl who rocks the same garms as him. Ya get me, all turning up to the restaurant both wearing a suit, Not The One, trust me. But if u slightly disagree let me be a bit more exact in what I mean, because I may be visualising a certain type of girl that that is more than just friends this can work with, and that’s a girl who refers to you as “Blud”! Hell No, if im gonna wanna date a girl who calls me blud every 5 seconds. But I will be her friend though…Just Friends yeah…LOL!

By Ramone Dixon

Ak-Man: Ok, a lot to take in their, as predicted the general consensus still remains that “boys and girl can be just friend, but…” Using the two articles above, I will try to offer and explanation for this ‘but’. Ramone delved a bit deeper into the issue of attraction, as funny as it may have seemed, a gay man and a gay woman who are both friends are not likely to find each other physically attractive. Even the idea of them both getting drunk and kissing seems a bit far fetched. So clearly if both parties are not attracted to each other in a physical sense, there is more chance of them being ‘Just Friends’. Concluded? Well not quite, why? Well the scenario is just an example. An example which points out that most boys and girls are not just friends because of the romantic possibilities and attractions one or both sides my harbour.

How many ‘friendships’ have we (the boys) ruined by telling a girl that we feel more than just friendship? Its not that we don’t value the friendship, it’s more like we never had the intention of just being your friend. Don’t read this and think it’s just the boys! Many girls stopped talking to me after they told me they had feelings for me, just to find out I never felt the same, it works both ways. As Louise astutely noted, most cases end with either a forged friendship, or feelings of resentment and regret from the rejected party.

That’s quite a lot to take in, so I’ll stop here before I become too literal about my own experiences. Give yourself a pat on the back for reading all of that, part two will be arriving shortly. We’ll give you a bit of time to think about this article, and your ‘friends’ of course. A few surprises wait for you in part two, let us know if you agree or disagree with what’s been said, we may add a few quotes to the second part.

A to the . . .

…and company of course!

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Shareen said...

Yes Yes, I really enjoyed reading this article, i believe this is a issue that affects everyone one time or another in their lives. I think the reason this has become an issue is not simple to analyse`…lets just talk from a females point of view, you want to believe that a good male friend is generally there to be a good friend, to hear your problems to give you advice and sometimes you may therefore reveal much more infomation to them than someone you thought would potentially have feelings for you. At the same time due to the closeness you both endure, can you honestly say that feelings are not felt between you both!!