Wednesday, 10 January 2007

I Don't Wanna Work No More!

“I Don’t Wanna Work No More”

I’m 22 and want to retire; working is for suckers (true story). I don’t want to sound irrational so I’ll relax a bit on this intro. I know there are a few of you out that love your jobs, and just adore waking up before the sun rises; congratulations, you are part of a minority. When my alarm goes off in the morning I think… “NO WAY, I just now fell asleep!” … Then I think to myself, “Am I at least ill?” Why am I only ill on weekends or when I’m out of work? I’ve wasted too many sick days on my days off, shame on me. And why do i dred going to work so much? Here is part of the reason:

“Long periods of inactivity are deeply taboo - most people would rather tell a direct lie than admit to having done nothing. Employees often work for long periods without having anything to show for it. This lack of tangible evidence for expended effort produces excruciating guilt, and the worker will go to extreme lengths to demonstrate that he actually has been doing something. Even if there is nothing to do, you have to pretend that there is -this is expected, it's not regarded as odd behaviour.” - Dr. Dale Griffin of Sussex University

Nodding your head in agreement? Bare with me while i drift away for a while...Toyin will dig into this more.

Work is a system; a trap which most of us fall prey to. The problem is that there aren’t too many ways out…we need that paper money, we have bills to pay, places to go, cars to maintain, and we want a good quality of life. Do I want nice things also? Well yeah, but I don’t want to work for them, not 35 hours a week anyway.

Call me lazy but the concept of work is extremely uninspiring, the ‘only’ reason a high percentage of people work is to get money that they won’t even enjoy…you ever calculated what you’re going to do with all your money when you get paid? Just to find that you’ve only got enough left to get to and from work for another month. (Don’t get me started on public transport prices please) My situation is by no means that bad, but I know a lot of people who get from month to month like that…what do you equal after the tax, bills, loans, food, rent and maintenance…one of my friends took out a loan (from me) to get his hair cut, he works full time, he’s a manager in fact.

Want bigger things than nights out, new clothes and talking past your ‘free time’ to that ‘special person’ you met on a night out whilst wearing your new clothes? Simple isn’t it, get a better job that pays more durr! Work longer hours! Not so simple, the more you get paid the more you get taxed, and if you’ve got a degree you probably have a tasty little dept building up as you read this. Earn over £15,000 a year and you’ll be paying that back on top of tax and N.I. automatically LOL!

“HEY, that aint funny man!” And £15,000 doesn’t qualify you as a ‘baller’ either.

Its no laughing matter, but that’s how I deal with a lot of issues I can’t get around; either ignore it or turn it into a joke…like “Oh yeah, I forgot bout my student loan” or “Ha ha ha, I’m moving to Canada so I don’t have to pay off my student loan”.

I want that house and car money…lets play happy families money…mum here’s your birthday present (on time) money! But which house will you buy that will cost less than you earn in a year? Second hand cars are cool now, but what about when you grow up? What happens when three bedrooms aint enough? … Am I going too far? Not really, we’re talking bout work right? So we’re talking about money. I’ll relax and hand you over to my friend Toyin for a bit…

Toyin Says: AK I feel you, I really do. When you put it at 35 hours a week that doesn’t sound too bad, however, it’s not 35 hours a week if you calculate from the time you get up for work till the time you get home – from work. That’s about 11 hours a day of work dedication time. As far as I’m concerned while I’m at work I’m working so that’s…40 hours a week excluding the getting ready time etc.

I suppose I can say it could be worse. I could HAVE to work which I don’t, I could be a professional slacker for one or two years more but that’s not the point. I speak to a lot of people about work; most hardly do anything for most of the day. Yea, it sounds great, getting paid for doing nothing but can you ‘do nothing’ in a boring environment everyday? Seeing as I do nothing most of the time while at work why don’t I just stay at home and REALLY get paid for nothing? I know some may believe this to be a complain article and yes, it probably is but it’s also a ‘challenge the norm’ article. In reality what is stated here is what most people feel, only difference is, we’re pointing it out and not just ‘getting on with it’ without a second thought.

My only real consolation is that all this boring, doing nothing work will pay off eventually. I just hope ‘eventually’ isn’t too far in the future where I’m too old to enjoy it. I believe I’ve been working since I can remember whether it’s through school, college, uni or paid employment – its work. I’m waiting for the pay off and it better be big!

I sympathise with the people who struggle to ‘make ends meet’. Poor folks. Isn’t life about enjoying it? Or is that another misconception? Money is the root of all evil but why do we all crave it so much? Quality of life is much more important than standard of living although I admit, the two are intimately interlinked.

Life is a gift from God, enjoy and use it wisely.


“I Don’t Wanna Work No More” because money is easy to make but hard to keep. What I want to do to make money is complex and I’m not getting into it on here.
“I Don’t Wanna Work No More” unless I can find something stimulating, something which offers ‘job satisfaction’.
I’ll be at work tomorrow morning though, sleeping at my desk with my eyes open (it’s a gift). I don’t want to discourage anybody; it’s just something to think about…Do I want to work till I’m 65? Do I even like my current job? Does a 15 year mortgage sound that appealing? When will that dream car be parked outside my house?

All good things come to those who wait right? Maybe, but I’m sure there’s a lot out there just waiting to be taken also.

A to the. . .

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