Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Some Peoples Opinions Are Stupid; I’m Sorry, That’s Just My Opinion

Unfortunately we live in a society where everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how stupid this opinion may be. When it comes to opinions, no evidence is needed, no facts must be presented and there is usually no right or wrong answer. One man likes the Borat movie, another thinks it was dim-witted and boring (bar the naked fight scene in the hotel). The problem which I have is that anybody can make outlandish or nonsensical comments and present them as facts. I am indeed a highly opinionated man, and in addition I also love to argue. Don’t bring your opinions to me . . . unless of course you think I will agree with them.

Here is a list of observations that I couldn’t be bothered to research into; this leaves you with just my opinion. If you don’t agree with these statements you are stupid, I’m sorry, that’s just my opinion (see how easy that is?).

Anyone who watches Deal Or No Deal (at least) twice and doesn’t understand the game is stupid. It really is as simple as it appears, you guess boxes and that is as complex as it gets. Why is the show so interesting? Well because we want to see greedy people go home with less than £1000. I watched the show today and the banker offered a lady £44,000 and she said “No Deal” . . . silly woman left with £8000 and a pissed off husband. He was seriously pissed; I honestly thought he was going to cry.

KFC’s Zinger Tower Burger is the best chicken burger bar none. I’ve tasted the Chicken Royale and the McChicken Premiere so f*ck your opinion!

Some people still believe that 2pac is alive; it’s amazing how a dead man can have more of a life than some people.

Tyra Banks’ breasts are the best thing about America’s Next Top Model. I applaud the shows producers. Yeah the show has other interesting factors, but her breasts are top trumps.

Being black isn’t deemed ‘cool’ anymore. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it looks like ‘black’ has run its course for the meantime. We’ll be back though, probably when the new 50 Cent album is released, or when Densel Washington plays another bad guy. Whichever comes first, it’s cool with me.

Big Brother is played out now, why are they holding auditions for another series? You had a good run; it’s well and truly over unless you stop filling the house with phoney extroverts who turn out being depressed and unbearably mind-numbing.

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas is a poor mans version of Gwen Stefani. This wasn’t really evident until she decided to release a solo album. The formula for her first single London Bridge is too similar to that of Holla Back Girl for my liking. I’ll restrain myself from making this case stronger; no one wants to hear an educated opinion after all.

In my opinion this is the worst entry I’ve made on this blog site. Why did I post it up? Well just to make a point I guess. If you have missed the point . . . well, if you have missed the point then this is in fact the best blog entry I have made.

A to the . . .


copper stiletto said...

life is based on opinions, yours just happen to be on point! ;)

HB said...

I generally try for stupid opinions. Sometimes I don't even say or write any. Sometime I just sit and drool and watch the opinionated, be opinionated.

Jenera Healy said...

Ah, the age old question of whose opinion matters more.


Jenera Healy said...

Ah, the age old question of whose opinion matters more.


Lady_T said...

Seems like the entertainment industry has basically run out of good ideas...

That pic of Tyra differs immensely from the pic in this weeks heat mag (I dont buy the mag, I ste-get...it for free). No lie though, the women still does have great boobs and ANTM is a GREAT show!

Ak-Man said...

Jen. . . My opinion, thats all you need. Follow that and you're set for life!

Lady T. . . Yeah, i hear Tyra is gettin chubby. I hiding from the pics though, i hear its quite drastic! My dreams wont be the same no more if i see her looking mash up!

Anonymous said...

It's true that opinions are like assholes....everybody has one; but then again what if you are not whole and were somehow cutoff from the stomach down????

Anonymous said...

well i'd rather talk to someone with an opinion and who wants to put it out there than someone who just agrees with everything. even if their opinion and mine differs. sticking up for yourself and your opinions is also good even if you're wrong you gotta get some credit for sticking with it.