Friday, 22 June 2007

Maybe I Should Start On My Book Now

There isn’t too much holding me back. I have three solid book ideas. One of which I’m sure could definitely be published and win some sort of award . . . heck, I’d be happy if it was short listed. I told a few people one of the plots and was surprised by how excited they were, they not only wanted to read the book, but they typically had their own ideas of how to make it better (I didn’t take their advice of course). After I noticed that it was actually a GREAT plot with a mass of potential I tightened my lips and stopped revealing the idea to people.

Fortunately you can tell a few people your book ideas because even if they wanted to steal it they would have to go through a lot of trouble trying to get it published. I don’t think many people who don’t already have their foot in a publisher’s door have the time for that. So it’s still mine.

Why Haven’t I Started On It Already?

That’s a good question, and one I wouldn’t pose to myself unless I had an answer.
The truth is that I did start on one of my ideas . . . I got half way through the first chapter, re-read it and realised that my writing style left a lot to be desired. You know there is serious problem when you aren’t even impressed by your own writing, why seek a second opinion?

So the plan was to read a lot more books (which I’ve done) and set up a blog site where I could begin to exercise writing techniques and find my individual style (which I’m in the process of).

I don’t think I’m developed enough to write a full novel yet, but what’s the harm in attempting a short novel?

Short Novel

‘They’ recommend that when writing, it makes sense to write about what you know and what you are passionate about. Follow me as I generate a plot off the top of my head.

We’ve got:

- Girls
- Money
- London City
- Football (Soccer B***h)
- Church
- Food

That’s a nice little platform to jump off of . . .

I’ll be the protagonist, we’ll change my name to . . . Andy . . . Andy Thornton. No relation to Randy Orton, but why would there be? Continue . . .

OK, here is what I’ve got . . .

Andy Thornton is a young and successful business entrepreneur, at least that’s what he tells all the ladies. In reality he is a gambling master mind, he knows how to play the odds and gets rich placing strategic bets on football matches. He lives in a luxurious apartment in the heart of London City and is well known across several clubs and bars as a womanising spendaholic.

Everything is about to change direction when he meets the girl of his dreams, Alana . . . A pastors daughter who wants one last bad streak before she hands her life over to Christ.

Andy is about to be sucked into a world he has never experienced before. A world where the numbers don’t add up like they are supposed to . . . place your bets.

Forgive me for the rushed blurb and absent title, but you get the jist right?

Hey . . . I might actually write this though . . . and forget about the food option, can’t squeeze that into the plot.

A to the . . .


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Well, he could always take her out for dinner (food option), or she might be a spectacular chef..

Your writing syle's great, it's mine that sucks (sob). How about we collaborate??

Yours, Desperate of Douglas.. Author-in-waiting.


Bart said...

I'm not impressed by my own writing either, but everyone that's read any of my completed works tell me that must be a case of "being too close to the material."

david mcmahon said...

I'm intrigued. Need any help, you know where to find me. Good luck with it.



Pope Terry said...

There is some great potential there, you have the conflict between the pastor and the gambling bad boy, the definite crossroads decision by the daughter as to what her life will turn out to be, chance for action if he crosses some bookmakers or what not. I hope I'm not accidentally revealing anything, but I would read it, theres some great elements there.

karoline said...

sounds fabulous...good luck and remember...he who has begun, is half done..



Eugene D. Gibson said...

We are never impressed with our own writing and some cases we are too impressed.With someone who has experience with publishing you will realize that there are great writings and there are best selling writings.You have a great idea write and leave the rest to the editor!

Ak-Man said...

Shrink - Collaborate? Sounds tempting . . . had a few ideas for the short story where an additional writer would be great. You've got ya own stuff to work on though.

Bart - I like that theory, cos it suggests that I might actually be an awesome writer!

David - "I'll Holla"

Pope - You can see where I'm going with this . . . and that's bad, cos i want 2 be completely different. But I guess it's good to have a plot where ppl think they know where it's going, then . . . POW!!! Hit em with a twist and a surprise . . . BANG!!!

Karoline - So true, starting is the hardest part of most things . . . the second hard part is finishing.

Eugene - Good point, I guess the product speaks for itself depending on whose opinion you ask.