Friday, 25 May 2007

Everything Is Bigger In Texas . . . I Should Fit Right In

Before I head over to Texas for a little getaway I’ll post up ‘The Autobiography Of A Non-Smoker Who Kind Of Smoked . . . Part 3’, the final instalment. Excited? You should be! This is going to be bigger than Ocean's 13 . . . Bigger than Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 . . . Bigger than the record breaking blockbuster Spiderman 3! The trilogy to end all trilogies is almost here!

Yeah, anyway . . .

Apart from that it’ll be a little while before I put up any new material on here. I’ll try to jump online while I’m in the States and check out all your sites, but it’s quite likely that I’ll be too busy enjoying myself. Either that or sleeping . . . I’m cool with either or.

I’m working on a few projects of interest at the moment so there is a lot to look forward to upon my return. Here are a few of the titles:

-‘Crazy Black Women’
-‘How To Ruin A Date’
-‘A Tale Of Krispy Kreme’s’
-‘Who Really Pays More For A First Date, Men Or Women?’
-‘No Days Off’

You can’t grasp too much from the titles, but I can assure you that they’ll have ‘A Darker Shade Of Black’ written all over them. That includes the humour, shameless honesty and alternative perspectives.

Stay tuned for ‘The Autobiography Of A Non-Smoker Who Kind Of Smoked . . . Part 3’.
A to the . . .


sam said...

Hi ak-man

Thnx for dropping by, you might check out the following, though to be honest a few won't give you the proper flavour... just go through the archive and select whatever you want to read.


To Burn is his Destiny

Weekend at work


copper stiletto said...

I so look forward to the grand finale, and all of the new installments too, but we are going to miss you while your gone. Good to see that you are visiting Texas, heck a few thousand miles northeast, and we could go for coffee!! Have fun, be safe!

Bart said...

Why Texas?

Doug said...

Hey ak-man,
Heading to my fine state I see. Be prepared for some of the hottest and most humid weather known to man or beast anywhere.
So where in this lovely state of mine will you be visiting?
Have a great trip and a good time

Sebastien said...

Hope you enjoy your trip! I've always wanted to visit Texas. There's a lot to see...

Ak-Man said...

My cousin is gettin married and the prospect of cake was too great to pass up!

Ugh . . . sweaty weather . . . I'll be chillin in San Antonio

I'll let you know how it is out there. A week a long enough but i'll cram!

And Copper . . .
I'll have fun and I'll keep safe : )

It's a shame that I'll miss out on that 'coffee' hehe

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Enjoy, don't forget to come back, and take care. x

copper stiletto said...

Don't worry babe, I'll keep it "hot" for you, just in case you decide to go for a ride!


Bart said...

Cool. If you take a path that takes you across the eastern seaboard, and you get near the Baltimore-Washington corridor, wave downwards.

HB said...

Have fun dude, and don't forget The Alamo.

Lady_T said...

A you need to do a post and tell us how it all went!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oi! Stop slacking, I know you're back.. post, and now - or else!!

Bart said...

Threatening didn't seem to work, Carol.